The Valderrobres cultural heritage Foundation is a non-profit organisation whose aim is to promote Valderrobres and its region from a religious, civic, educational, environmental, cultural, tourist and sports point of view, with special interest in the conservation, recovery, promotion and enhancement of heritage resources, used both as an identity element, as an educational and tourist vehicle and as a generator of jobs and economic resources for the territory in its area of action. The Valderrobres Cultural Heritage Foundation was created on December 7, 2007 and was constituted by notary public on March 17, 2008 and was registered in the Register of Foundations of the Autonomous Community of Aragon on April 8. In 2013 the foundations "Asunción Tomás Foz", "Asunción Tomás Foz y Hermanos" and "Cultural Valderrobres Patrimonial" were grouped together, giving rise to the birth of the "Fundación Valderrobres Patrimonial Asunción Tomás Foz", which was constituted by notary on 25 November 2013. Among its statutory purposes, the following objectives stand out:


- Socio-cultural and economic development of Valderrobres and its region.

- Recovery, conservation and management of cultural heritage.

- Promotion of culture and research.

- Collaboration with other institutions and entities.



Governing body and representatives


The main governing body of the Foundation is the Board of Trustees, which is made up of representatives of the founding entities and other elected members, chosen for their ties to Valderrobres, for their ideological diversity and for their significance in associative, cultural and tourist activities.


Founding members


By the City Council of Valderrobres: Doña Asunción Giner Barber
Founding members


By the City Council of Valderrobres: Doña Asunción Giner Barberán (culture councillor of the City Council of Valderrobres).

By Frutos Secos Gil: Mr Joaquín Gil Roda.

For Caja Rural de Teruel: Mr Luis Segura Pallarés.

For the REPAVALDE Cultural Association: Mr Antonio Segura Ferrás.

For the Brotherhood of the Holy Burial of Valderrobres: Ms. Mónica Guardia Monreal.

For the Arcoíris Group: Ms Josefina Puyo Monserrat.

For Áridos Curto: Doña Begoña Curto Antolí.


Elected members


Mrs. Ana Belén Molinos Ferrer.

Mr. Mario Ortiz Griñón.

Mr. Marcos Pallarés Bel.

Mrs. Judit Tafalla Orona.

Mrs. Belén Segurana Mompel.

Mrs. María José Berge Gasulla.

Mrs. Vanesa Bayod Serrat.

Mrs. Maite Marín Querol.

Mr. José Ramón Moragrega Deusdad.




The Foundation is directed by Mr. Manuel Siurana Roglán, who carries out his tasks on a voluntary basis.



The Foundation was set up on the initiative of the Association for the Recovery of the Heritage of Valderrobres, with the aim of continuing to make progress in the recovery of heritage and cultural revitalisation, which had begun with the reconstruction of the dilapidated section of the parish church, the organisation of exhibitions and conferences and the publication of leaflets and books.


During these years, the Foundation has managed the tourist visits and cultural activities of the castle and the church of Valderrobres. Likewise, it has reformed the interior lighting of the parish church and the exterior lighting of the complex formed by the church and the castle, has promoted the reconstruction of the old local hospital and has created the Valderrobres Museum. Furthermore, on receiving the legacy of the Tomás Foz family, it has carried out work on the old school which has been transformed into a municipal library, adult school and hostel.


It has collaborated so that the City Council of Valderrobres could obtain the ownership of the tower of Valentinet (the old tower of the wall) and has commissioned a Master Plan for the reconstruction of the castle of Valderrobres, committing itself to complete the works before 2026.


The Foundation is the owner of the chapel and the assembly hall of the former school of the Sisters, of the plot of land in the street Arzobispo Fernández de Heredia (dedicated to parking, heliport and area of fairs and festivals) and of the building where the municipal library and the regional school for adults are located and has put them at the service of society.


The Foundation publishes books, party programs, brochures, cultural magazines and all kinds of documents for third parties. In addition, the Foundation has published some books, such as


"Matarraña gótico", by Manuel Siurana Roglán.

"Matarraña barroco", by Teresa Thomson Llisterri.

"Torre del Compte between medieval and contemporary times", by Octavio Monserrat Zapater.

He has also edited the DVD "Valderrobres, the voice of the stones", by Carlos Liton.



Inscription on the foundations registry ( PDF )


  Foundation charter (PDF)




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