Valderrobres is situated in the North-East of Spain, in the province of Teruel, in the Matarraña river basin.  Very close to the Beceite pass, a meeting point between the Iberian mountain range and the Catalonian coast mountain chain.  
The Matarraña valley has a Mediterranean interior climate, with cold temperatures in winter and warm ones in summer, but in both cases, always mild, never extreme temperatures.
The rainy seasons are autumn and spring, but rains aren`t very abundant and they always have a cyclic component. There is an alternance between dry years and rainy years.



The different heights, determine the climate in the area. That is clearly reflected in the vegetation. The human factor has modified vegetation alongside history too.
The highest point in the area is the Beceite pass (700 – 1400 m.). There you can find scot pine trees, junipers, box, and sabines among others.
Some trees like Holm oaks and oak trees are very scarce today but it seems that they were plentiful centuries ago.
As for the cultivated territory, almond-trees and olive trees are the most common ones. For their predominance and identification with the local culture, they have turned into authentic symbols of the territory.


One of the most typical animals in the territory is the Hispanic goat undissociable with the territory of the Beceite pass.
The big rocks and the abrupt ravines have become the ideal territory for big birds of prey, among them, the vulture has steadily increased its population in the last years.
Among other species we can find the alimoche, the golden eagle, the owl, or the travelling falcon.
In the forests, we can find reptiles as vipers, or the wild boar, who is still one of the most common animals in spite of being hunted in all the area.
In the trees, we can find the red squirrel, the “gineta” or the common sparrow-hawk. As for the rivers, the most common fish are the aquatic blackbird, the trout and the crayfish.
Another of the Matarraña symbol is the otter, that in spite of being an endangered species, has a certain stability in the area thanks to the protection measures.

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