The Gastronomy in Valderrobres is based on traditional products of the highest quality elaborated in the ancient ways passed, for centuries, from one generation to another.
The basic pillars of this traditional gastronomy are olive oil and wine.
Olive trees have been one of the most important economic resources in the area for centuries. The special care applied to cultivate these trees and the traditional ways used during the harvesting process, gives to the Valderrobres olive oil a special taste and a distinction awarded on national and international markets. Thanks to this, the olive oil has become a basic ingredient in the elaboration of our best dishes.
About the wine, people from Valderrobres have traditionally elaborated their wines from their own vineyards. This has given to the village a huge number of wine cellars which produce excellent wines.
In 1959 the cooperative wine cellar was created, and many little producers joined together. Nowadays this association has given to the wine of Valderrobres a wider projection.
Nowadays in Valderrobres many orchards are still being cultivated, so gastronomy in the village counts on a huge variety of vegetables.
In the Valderrobres area you can find cherry trees, apple trees, and peach trees. The producers sell their fruits in the village, so you can buy them in local shops, especially during the harvest time.
The local cattle raising has traditionally been sheeps, so some typical dishes in the area are based on sheep’s meat too. Like roasted ribs and “ternasco” seasoned with local olive oil.
 Pig`s farming has been traditional too, especially at home, but today it has been industrialized. However are still important the process of curing hams and cold meat. (onion “butifarra”, rice “butifarra”, “chorizo”, and  “gueña”).

Another basic element in the Valderrobres gastronomy is its cakes and pastries. Most of them are made with ingredients produced in the village, like almonds, honey or nuts… These pastries are eaten along the year, but some of them are especially elaborated for a particular festive day or season, like Christmas.  
The most popular among them are “almendrados”, “mantecados” and “casquetas” (a sort of little pie filled with quince jelly).
New establishments have been set up that together with the traditional ones enlarge the offer which combines traditional elements and vanguard cooking.

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